Upcoming Projects

I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline for Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro.

Contact Form

Currently in development, the Contact Form add on for RMC Pro provides you with the option to create custom contact forms that integrate with calculation data. The primary function is to give your website visitors a way to send you information about their mortgage. Calculations still run as normal. You can set up the contact form as a secondary function, displaying once the calculation is complete, or you can build it into the calculator, allowing your users to send their mortgage data. The calculator can be used to enhance the information you receive with additional calculated values.

Charts & Tables

It has not passed me by that many mortgage calculators include amortization tables and charts. I have excluded them from the core plugin in order to focus on interface and calculation customization. Tables and charts are an excellent secondary feature to help provide detailed visualizations and deep data, and I want to create this add on in a way that epitomizes the flexibility of the RMC Pro. While amortization tables and charts are obvious components to include, there will be other options to create custom charts from calculated data.

Got an Idea?

I built Responsive Mortgage Calculator for you. If it does what you need, that’s great. If you want something more, that’s great, too. Contact me with your ideas and I’ll add them to my project list.