Responsive Mortgage Calculator

Responsive Mortgage Calculator has been transferred to a new developer for future maintenance and new feature development. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it and found it a useful addition to your website.

Any support issues for the free version of Responsive Mortgage Calculator should be directed to the support page in the WordPress plugin repo. The plugin can still be
downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro is still available on this website.

7 thoughts on “Responsive Mortgage Calculator”

    1. Hi Fernando,

      I’ve had a quick look at WPML. I would assume that they make use of WordPress’ built in internationalization functionality. If that’s the case, the basic functionality would be easy to add – renaming the placeholders and text on the options page. The jQuery components are a bigger issue and need a little more thought.

      Whatever the case, I would need someone to write the French language substitutions. Is that something you want to do?

    1. The first thing to try is the Currency Format on the settings page. Remove the {code} portion of the formatting. I’ll also look at the JavaScript to see if this is causing an issue.

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