Responsive Mortgage Calculator

The Responsive Mortgage Calculator WordPress plugin is a simple, beautiful responsive widget and shortcode. It has excellent flexibility, allowing you to customize it’s styling and set it up for different regions.

Allow your website visitors to quickly and easily calculate their mortgage payments. Fields include:

  • Total Amount
  • Down Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Amortization Period
  • and Payment Period


Aside from simple aesthetics and usability of the calculator, it includes a settings page which allows you to customize it to your needs.

  • Easily rename the fields to whatever you want.
  • Set the interest compounding period.
  • Set the currency symbol to the dollar, pound, euro, or yen.
  • Hide the down payment field (it will be included by default).
  • Choose a light theme, dark theme, or just exclude the theme entirely.
  • Adjust styling on the select box to make it look fancy or just use your themes default styling.
  • Remove styling, the responsive layout of the plugin, and use the class hooks to style it yourself.
  • Add your own classes to the inputs to apply custom CSS styles from your theme.

See It. Get It.

Click on over to the Mortgage Calculator demo page to see it in action or download it for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

7 thoughts on “Responsive Mortgage Calculator”

    1. Hi Fernando,

      I’ve had a quick look at WPML. I would assume that they make use of WordPress’ built in internationalization functionality. If that’s the case, the basic functionality would be easy to add – renaming the placeholders and text on the options page. The jQuery components are a bigger issue and need a little more thought.

      Whatever the case, I would need someone to write the French language substitutions. Is that something you want to do?

    1. The first thing to try is the Currency Format on the settings page. Remove the {code} portion of the formatting. I’ll also look at the JavaScript to see if this is causing an issue.

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