Fix Calculators have not been registered error

This is error message is usually the result of adding a shortcode into a theme that uses a page builder. Page builders cause problems with the setup process used by RMC Pro. But you can add a little code to your functions.php file to make it work. You can also add your own logic to limit loading calculator data to specific pages or templates.

function custom_register_calculator_id( $ids ) {

   // ... Add custom logic as required ... //

   $ids[] = array(

       // Use ‘source’ => ‘preset’ if using a preset calculator. Use ‘source’ => ‘database’ for custom calculators
       'source'     => 'database’,

       // Check the shortcode for the id number. For presets, use the preset attribute, either ‘payment’ or ‘loan'
       ‘id'             => ‘change_this_to_the_calculator_id’

   return $ids;
add_filter( 'rmcp_calculator_ids', ‘custom_register_calculator_id', 10, 1 );

Be sure to change change_this_to_the_calculator_id to your calculator id.