Create a Custom Calculator

In order to make any changes to the inputs, results, text, or anything in a calculator, you will need to create a custom calculator.

1. From the WordPress dashboard, click RMC Pro in the admin menu. This will load the calculator list.
2. Click the Create a Calculator link in the message are just below the title. This will display a form to add a new calculator.
3. Click into the Name Your Calculator field and give it a name.
4. Select a starting point for your calculator from the Base Calculator drop down. You can choose to start from a preset or a blank calculator. Choosing a preset means that your custom calculator is set up with all of the fields, processors, calculators and sub-calculations of that preset. This is best if you only want to make minor changes.
5. Click the submit button.

If you’re calculator was successfully created, you will be directed to the Edit Calculator page where you can begin making modifications to your custom calculator.