Calculate Down Payment as a Percentage

PART 1: Add a Processor to convert the down payment percentage to a decimal

  1. Open the Processors section by clicking the triangle in the title bar.
  2. Click the Add Processor button to reveal a menu.
  3. Click Processor in the menu. This will add a new processor to the button of the Processors section.
  4. Drag the newly added processor to the top.
  5. Click the triangle in it’s title bar to reveal the setting. Fill out the Text Settings – call it something like “Down Payment Percentage to Decimal”. You can use the Logic Settings to add some validation if you want, like setting a minimum down payment percentage. In the Math Settings, add the Down Payment tag to the Value 1 input, change the Operation to division, and put 100 in the Value 2 input.
  6. Save it. Let the screen reload.

PART 2: Add a Processor to calculate the down payment

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above. Drag it up so it is the second processor in the list.
  2. Click the triangle in the title bar to reveal the settings. Fill out the Text Setting – call it “Down Payment Amount”. In the Math Settings, enter the Tag for the Total Amount in the Value 1 field – you can copy it from the tag list on the right hand side of the screen. Change the Operation to multiplication. And enter the Tag for the Down Payment Percentage processor you just added in the Value 2 field.
  3. Save it.

PART 3: Recalculate the Loan Amount

  1. In the Processors section, you should see a Processor called Loan Amount. Open it.
  2. In the Math Settings section, change the Value 2 tag to the Down Payment Amount tag you just created.
  3. Save it.