Calculate Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Weekly Costs

The preset cost calculations give the yearly amount for the cost Sub-Calculations. You can convert each cost result to a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly value. You will need to be editing a custom calculator in the Edit Calculator screen.

1. Click the Processors section to display the list of processors.
2. Click the Add a Processor button in the Processors title bar, then the Processor option. This will add a new processor to the bottom of the list of processors.
3. Click the triangle in the new processor’s title bar to display it’s settings.
4. Click the triangle in the Text Settings section to display text settings.
5. Give the processor a name to indicate it’s purpose, like “Weekly Property Tax”.
6. Click the Tag input. This will automatically insert a tag based on the name you just entered, but you can change it to whatever you want.
7. Click the triangle in the Math Settings sections to display math settings.
8. For Value 1, refer to the Tags list on the left side of the screen. Click the Results title and look for the tag for the cost calculation you need. For Property Tax, it will be something like {wpc_property_tax}. Click it, copy it, and paste it into the Value 1 input.
9. In the Math Settings, change the Operation to division.
10. For Value 2, enter 12 (for monthly), 26 (for bi-weekly), or 52 for weekly cost calculation, since you’re dividing the yearly cost into a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly amount.
11. Change the Format to Currency. This will ensure that if you use this value directly in the results text that it will format with the correct number of decimal places.
12. Save your changes.