Add Costs to Payment Results

The results of Payment and Loan Calculators are strictly the result of the loan calculation with no fees or costs added. You can create a custom total by adding costs to the payment results using processors. You will need to be editing a custom calculator in the Edit Calculator screen.

You may need to convert the results of the cost calculations to monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly amounts to match the payment period of your payment calculator. See Calculate Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Weekly Costs for instructions.

When you have your costs set up, you can start adding them to your results.

1. Click the Processors section to display the list of processors.
2. Click the Add a Processor button in the Processors title bar, then the Processor option. This will add a new processor to the bottom of the list of processors.
3. Click the triangle in the new processor’s title bar to display it’s settings.
4. In it’s Text Settings, give it a name and a tag. You may want to call this something like Total Payment Part 1, or Add Property Tax to Payment.
5. In the Math Settings, for Value 1, find the Tag for the payment result. It will be in the Tags list under Results and will be something like {pc_payment_result}. Copy it and paste it into the Value 1 input.
6. Change the Operation to +.
7. For Value 2, find the Tag for cost result. This will be in the Tags and may be in the Processors section if you have converted it as suggested above, or in the Results section if you are using the result directly from a calculator. Copy it and paste it into the Value 2 input.
8. Change the Format to Currency.
9. Save your changes.

To create the total of all costs and the payment result, you will need to repeat these steps, each time changing the Value 1 tag so that it uses the tag from the previous processor. If you need to add a second weekly cost, give it a name like Total Payment Part 2 and a related tag, but in the Math Settings, use {total_payment_part_1} for Value 1.