Add Cost Calculations for a Payment or Loan Calculator

Cost calculations are a type of Sub-Calculation. Sub-Calculations use values from a calculator to produce their results. They can also be reused across multiple Calculators with a single custom calculator. In order to achieve this, they are created with their own settings, then assigned to Payment and Loan Calculators in the Calculators section of the Edit Calculator screen.

Begin by accessing the Edit Calculator page for a calculator. Then:

1. Open the Calculators section in the editing area by clicking the Calculators title bar.
2. Click the triangle at the right of a Payment or Loan Calculator to reveal its settings.
3. Click the triangle at the right of the Associated Sub-Calculations section to reveal those settings. The textarea may be empty, implying that you aren’t running sub-calculations for this calculator.
4. In the Tags section at the right of the screen, click the Sub-Calculations title to display a list of sub-calculations. If this is empty, then no Sub-Calculations have been created.
5. Click the Tag for the Sub-Calculation you want, such as {property_tax}. This will highlight the tag. Copy it using your preferred method.
6. Paste the tag into the Associated Sub-Calculations textarea. Repeat for each Sub-Calculation you want to run for this Payment or Loan Calculator, adding one per line.
7. Save your changes.

The results tags for these sub-calculations can be accessed in the Tags list under Results. They will be prefixed with the tag prefix for the Calculator. For example, if you have added a Sub-Calculation with the tag {property_tax} to a Calculator with a tag prefix of pc, the result of the sub-calcalation for this calculator will use the tag {pc_property_tax}. You can pass this tag into a processor or the results tag to access the calculated value.