RMC Pro Changelog

Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro is under active development with new features being Add. RMC Pro is extensible through the WordPress actions and filters APIs, and custom APIs, making it possible for developers to add new elements to the Interface, new Processors, and new Calculations. It’s gotten so much easier to create add-on plugins and share calculator settings.

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* add inserted values for text inputs so that tags can be used to set an input value if one is not provided
* update global settings for CSS classnames to allow for spaces
* fix a bug that caused multiple commas in input values to trigger an input error
* fix a bug that caused annual payment period input to turn into monthly payment period


* add amortization calculator preset
* rewrite the server side logic and math processor so it works as intended
* refactor server side calculators a little more


* fix coding errors


* fix amortization calculator so it is more accurate
* add semi-monthly payment period
* add semi-monthly compounding period
* properly use tag formatting methods in JavaScript
* major refactoring to allow for amortization table add-on and DRYer code


* Add option to processor to format immediately after calculation is done
* Fix radio buttons Interface element
* Add global force load option for individual calculators
* Add rmcp_enqueue_scripts action for loading front end scripts


* Add amortization period calculator
* Fix checkbox elements displaying out of alignment
* Update currency formatting for somewhat better international formats. Work in progress…


* Complete processors for checkboxes
* Update processor so that if a tag is set and has no value, then the value is set to 0
* Update processor logic to properly compare numbers as numbers and strings as strings


* Add interface elements to create expandable groups


* Add radio button group element to interface to use for custom calculators
* Refactor calculator controller so that the front end is always available and calculators can be loaded via Ajax and do_shortcode


* Exporting is now permanently displayed in the Edit Calculator interface (the settings has been removed)


* Add a minimum cost field to Cost Sub-Calculation processor
* Add descriptions to tags in the Tags list
* Add a toggle to the Tags list to switch between tags, titles or both
* Element titles now display more characters in the Edit Calculator interface.
* Fix a bug preventing the Switch Assigner processor from setting a default value
* Fix a bug causing sub-calculation tags to be displayed with extra curly braces when displayed in the Results section of Tags list
* Fix a bug preventing results conditionals from being processed when the conditional tags are placed on their own line
* Fix a bug preventing the Processor processor from using tags in the logic test


* Add JSON file uploader to Create a Calculator form
* Add toggle control to results via summary text
* Add HTML class option to most interface elements
* Add reference information to tag listing
* Fix a bug that causes quotes to be escaped in the Results and Text/HTML elements
* Fix a bug that prevented inputs from being validated properly when non-input elements were placed above them
* Refactor JavaScript processor registration to be more robust and modular
* Refactor JavaScript processing to be more flexible by using processor timing definitions instead of section names


* Add shortcode attributes for inputs wherein the default value can be set using the tag
* Add shortcode attributes to the rmcp_calculator_ids filter
* Add rmcp_enqueue_scripts action hook for adding accompanying scripts only when RMC Pro scripts are loaded
* Fix a bug where shortcode identifier attributes failed when using single quotes
* Fix a bug that caused the Switch Assigner processor to fail
* Fix a bug that caused a site to crash if the wp action was bypassed but wp_enqueue_scripts was called


* Add rmcp_calculator_ids filter hook for register calculators using do_shortcode template tag
* Add additional HTML class attributes to calculator elements
* Add customizable classes for textareas and checkboxes
* Fix a bug that caused calculation errors when using comma as a decimal separator
* Fix a bug that prevented saving the base rate of a cost when using a comma as a decimal separator
* Fix a bug that was preventing Add Element menus from functioning in Firefox
* Fix a bug that was causing the default select box selector arrow to display in Firefox when additional select styling was applied
* Add CSS theme options


* Add ability to accept text as input from text inputs and select inputs
* Add text formatting option to text inputs, select inputs, processors, and switch assigners. This allows you to use text from an input or processor directly in your results
* Tags used as input values for processors and calculations now need to be wrapped in curly braces – like {example_tag} – so as not to be confused with text values
* Add decimal separator to values with integer formatting that are displayed in the results
* Add JavaScript title rewriting to the editing interface
* Add tag autofilling using the element title to the editing interface


* Fix a bug that caused math processing to overwrite the default value set for a Processor
* Fix a bug in the Cost processor that prevented calculation if the value was at the top of the range
* Fix a bug that was preventing inputs from validating if they had commas in them


* Add calculator settings exporting
* Add a setting to show calculator settings exporting on the Edit Calculator page
* Update the Preset API to allow registering of a callback function to return the Preset calculator settings
* Reorganize Interface menu items on the Edit Calculator page so they are in alphabetical order


* Add a Processor that allows a value to be selected from multiple options depending on the input, similar to a switch statement
* Add a function to run calculations from outside of the plugin based on known settings and input
* Add filtering on settings to be outputted as JavaScript settings via script localization


* Change the way calculator settings are saved to allow for sections to have elements and general settings
* Add an API to register calculator settings sections, elements, and element settings, and general section settings for editing calculators
* Add an API to register Tag generating functions for calculator elements when editing a calculator
* Add an API to register Preset calculators with a reference to a PHP array file
* Add an API to register UI elements for displaying calculators
* Add an API to register Processors for managing submitted data for a calculation
* Add an API to register Tags for processing calculations and obtaining Tag values for displaying results
* Add filtering to calculator settings that are being loaded for displaying calculators
* Add filtering to calculator HTML for each calculator as it is built
* Add function to set input data for a known calculator from outside of the plugin
* General bug fixes and refactoring


* Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro initial release

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