Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro

Please note: RMC Pro is not currently available for purchase.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro is a fully customizable mortgage and loan calculator plugin for WordPress. You build the interface, run the calculations you need, and display the results you want.

RMC Pro comes with four preset calculators to give you a head start on creating your own.

RMC Pro is highly customizable, allowing you to create validation rules for things like a minimum down payment, displaying a breakdown of monthly costs, allowing users to select tax regions, or changing the currency or amortization units.

Customize the UI

It all starts with user input. You can add as many or as few fields as you like, and set custom labels, placeholders, descriptions, and error messages for each input. You can choose from text inputs or select inputs, set select options, and set default values. Make sure you add a submit button!

By adding Text/HTML elements throughout your calculators, you can add contextual information and create HTML structure.

Shortcode attributes let you set or override the default input values using the Tag values. Tags are the customizable bits of text allow you to pass data from input to calculation to results.

Add results to your calculator as you see fit with your own text and HTML.

Process the Data

Once the data is submitted, Processors run custom logic and arithmetic to set up data for the loan calculators. Logic operations are used to add extra validation to user input or override values. Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro lets you perform basic math operations on the data as needed, or even choose values from a set using the Switch Assigner.

Processors also work on processed and calculated data. You can stack processors one after another to create more intricate calculations. Or process calculated loan data for other processors or calculators. Just be sure to keep them in the correct order. If a Processor fails because of insufficient data, it will try the next Calculator, and if that fails, the whole thing grinds to a halt! Yes, Processors can throw errors and you create the error message you want to see.

Define Costs

There are plenty of costs associated with mortgages and loans. Costs are calculations that can be added to Payment and Loan calculators. You set up the structure of the cost with a base fee, base rate, fee and rate ranges, marginal calculations, and incremental calculations – in whatever combination you want.

Cost calculations need to be associated with specific Payment and Loan Calculators, since they run using payment and loan data.

Calculate. Calculate. Calculate

Payment and Loan Calculators are the core of Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro. Set up as many as you need to run multiple calculations with different input values. Each one allows you to set unique values so you can compare interest rates, loan amounts, payment periods and so on.

Costs calculations are like templates that run on data from the Payment and Loan Calculators. That means that you can run the same cost calculation against different mortgages scenarios for comparison. You only need to set the tag for a Cost calculation on a Loan or Payment calculator and the calculator does the rest.

Get Results!

Each element you add to the calculator allows you to define a Tag. You use tags to pass the data from Inputs to Processors and Calculators. Calculators can also take Cost tags for associated costs. Each Calculator defines a set of Results tags with a unique signature, giving you access to all the calculated data.

Create your own unique Results text by adding Input, Processor, and Results tags. Just wrap a tag in curly braces, like {my_tag}, and it will automatically be replaced when the results are displayed. Cost tags do not have a value, so they won’t be replaced.

You can add conditional statements to your results based on whether a Tag has the value 0 or not. For example, you may want to include a paragraph only if a down payment is non-zero, and you could do that using the associated tag like so: {if down_payment}Your down payment was ${down_payment}{endif}.

Purchase Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro

RMC Pro is not currently available for purchase.