Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro Has Been Released

Happy New Year and happy RMC Pro! I managed to squeak out the release just before Christmas, leaving me with some free time to work on the next project.

It’s been a journey getting to the release. Part way through my initial development process, I realized the design was unfeasible. The original plan was provide a way to create inputs and set constants for calculation values, then to interpret those values based on a huge list of settings. It was all very confusing and wasn’t going to allow for the customizations and flexibility that was being requested. Back at the drawing board…

I cannot predict all the use cases for RMC Pro, but I decided to redesign the setup process, and the entire functioning of the calculator, to allow for you to decide how you want the calculator to function. Needs change depending on your country, state, province, and city. Setting something like a minimum down payment, or even the necessity for a down payment field, is your choice. Adding calculations for mortgage insurance, land transfer tax, or property tax is baked in and entirely customizable to your needs. If you need calculations for different regions, you can set it up in one calculator or create separate calculators. Whatever you need.

There are two preset calculators that demonstrate some of the possibilities and provide a starting point for your own customizations. When you create a calculator, you can choose to start from one of the presets, from nothing, or from one of your own creations.

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RMC Pro Roadmap

During the development process, I began creating an API in order to hook into calculator settings and data. This means that the calculator settings are extensible, which is great if you to create custom elements, processor and calculations. While this is still a work in progress, it will mean that the plugin can form the basis for just about any calculation process you want, and that you can add new form fields, HTML elements, and calculation results as you see fit. Customization just got a lot easier.

I’ve already begun work on an extension. Sliders will be released in a couple days. It’s an add-on that transforms form inputs into sliders. On the back end, you design your sliders choosing sizes, colours, borders, etc. The Sliders plugin adds new fields to the calculator, allowing you to enable sliders for each input you want, and to choose the design you want to use. When you load the calculator, the form fields are automatically replaced with your slider design.

Try out Sliders.

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