Dotting the i’s on RMC Pro

I have official completed a working version of Responsive Mortgage Calculator Pro. For everyone who has been waiting for all those additional features, thank you for your patience.

What’s in the Box

As promised, there are plenty of new features over and above the free version. Essentially, it is a shortcode and widget that allows you to display and run your own custom loan and payment calculators.

On the back end, there is a tabbed admin page with sections for building and managing calculators, currency formatting, and CSS and development settings. The meat of the back end is the calculator creation interface. I’ve made a concerted effort to make it look and feel like WordPress, taking cues from the Menus page and relying heavily on jQuery UI to keep things compact and to manage element ordering.

If You Build It…

You design calculators using input fields, text, submit buttons and results text. You can add processors to validate your data. You can set up loan and payment calculations to perform the mortgage calculations you want. You can add custom cost calculations to payment or loan calculations.

Crossing the t’s

I want to give you a really great and reliable piece of software, so I’m about to start a testing cycle. The calculations need to work properly and as designed. The plugin needs to function in different environments, on different devices, and with different versions of WordPress.

I also need to get the business end sorted. That means including a reasonable licensing agreement, sufficient support, and some decisions about payment models – one time fees and subscription fees – and what that means for maintaining a high quality product that keeps up with changes to WordPress core.

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